Quality machines

MME Nordic A/S is a leading manufacturer of quality production lines and machines with a high degree of automation for the medico industry. We are based in Thisted, Denmark which has been a center for development and design of high-tech production plants for the industry throughout many years. This is reflected in our staff members with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience within the industry.  

We target customers who are looking for a supplier who has the competences to construct, develop and manufacture highly specialized production lines and machines for turn-key projects, research projects or efficiency and productivity improvements etc. – depending on the needs of the costumer – with thoroughness, creativity and with respect for the promised delivery time.


Unique compentences

We possess several unique competences in developing and constructing production lines and machines for film/foil-based ostomy and continence products. Especially within all types of machines for bags/pouches and carbon filters. Here we excel and our knowledge is beyond compare. In fact, we dare to say that we are world leading in this field.

We also possess knowledge and experience within integrating robots into high-end solutions within packing and packaging as well as constructing solutions for handling and assembly plastic items within closing systems, valves, and plastic fittings.

Many years of experience in developing and constructing machines for the medico industry mean that we capture and incorporate all the special needs related to the medico industry. We incorporate it even from the beginning of the design phase. This makes us a safe choice for our customers.